President's Message

Dr. Syed Raziuddin Biyabani
President, PAUS

It is a matter of great pride and honour for me to be elected as the president of an academic and versatile society like PAUS. From its humble beginnings, PAUS has grown in leaps and bounds to become the nation’s premier platform for innovative brain storming and center for excellence in the field of urology. With our 11 local chapters, and a U.K. branch, we shall pool our formidable manpower and resources, and with the help of modern technology, we shall utilize our potential to attain and maintain our vision to the fullest extent. To this end, I would welcome any new comments, ideas, and suggestions for improving the website and the association in general.

Our country today is at a crossroads. We are a great nation. But we need to correct our international image. We currently require dedicated professionals and ardent pupils: people who would show the world that Pakistan is certainly not all about violence, but about learned, hard working and talented individuals who do their best to serve ailing humanity in the field of urology just like people anywhere else in the civilized and developed world.

I look forward to helping and exhorting PAUS do its bit regarding that. The vision that I have for the website of PAUS encompasses improvements in various aspects of training both at postgraduate as well as consultant level. I plan, with the help of all the members, to have increased interactive communication amongst all the members internally, to find new ways to improve on the existing educational and professional facilities that we have. We shall also fulfill our external obligations to make PAUS a strong advisory body to CPSP, PMDC, and the ministry of health.

With the youthful exuberance, heightened interest and ecstatic zeal, I foresee a bright future for our association and all its members, Insha’Allah.

Centuries ago admiral nelson, on his flagship said, “England expects that everyman will do his duty”. He won that battle. Today we expect no less from our countrymen.



   Dr Syed Raziuddin Biyabani

   Dr Syed Saeed Abidi

   Dr Arif Ali


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