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Endourology is the modern face of Urology. It distinguishes the specialty from other abdominal surgical specialties. Laparoscopy and particularly robotics have become the standard surgical innovations in urology. The modern history of Urology is full of wonderful innovations over the 50 years. The world witnessed the ESWL revolution in the 1980s, prior to which percutaneous stone surgery was finding its way in the management of large renal stones. Semi rigid and rigid ureteroscopy and more recently flexible ureterorenoscopy have provided a way for managing almost all ureteric and moderate sized renal stones.

Open surgery is becoming confined to onco-urology and reconstruction. However, endourology is the predominant theme in urology. It is therefore important that the endourologist of the country to gather under one platform. This platform will be for exchange of expertise not only at national and internationally. We have been able to negotiate a heavily subsidized subscription of Endourology society for our members. In addition the first flagship meeting of the PES was held at the World endoruology forum in Abu Dhabi where a very successful session highlighted the progress in the endourology in Pakistan.

We invite you on behalf of the colleagues and friends who have been voicing the need for an independent association to join and strengthen the cause of Endourology in Pakistan. The membership for the first year is free and once the executive committee is formed rules and regulation will be formulated.

About Pakistan






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